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Coping with Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is such a difficult, strange and unusual time for all of us. All of the ways we normally keep ourselves feeling calm and happy are out of reach for the time being. For all of us there are challenges to overcome. Emotions are likely to be feeling very overwhelming, and none of us knows what will happen next. In these circumstances, it is so very normal for us all to be feeling much more anxious and stressed than usual. It is very easy to get caught up in an anxious worry spiral and find that it's hard to connect with our natural coping resources.

Below are a serious of tools, many of which say similar things but in different ways. You may find some of them useful.

Some ideas and resources for helping with stress, anxiety, worry and mood associated with Coronavirus:

Beyond Blue has webchat and a helpline especially set up to help you deal with the effects of being isolated, like loneliness and sadness:

This is a great self help resource you can work your way through to help you stay sane:

Here is a short handout with some ideas for getting your head around Coronavirus coping

Here is another great 14 page handout that goes into coping and resourcing yourself in some more detail

Here is a one page handout on self care for your mood

This is a resource by Russ Harris with some ideas from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Here is a little video summary of the above:

Here are some ideas for things to do whilst home bound:

There are literally tons of ideas and cool things to do here:

*Online Dance Classes via Groove Therapy via their instagram or website *

*Room2Radio are hosting the Sydney first online nightclub can be streamed

via Twitch. (sorry for the long link):*

*Online Yoga and Pilates resources free & otherwise*

app called Down Dog

app Yoga Studio

Also Egg of the Universe are live streaming yoga classes several times a day

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